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Smart History

What can the Smart History Tool do?

Smart History extends the standard history of work and configuration elements dramatically.

Find in seconds the information in the history of the objects you are looking for. Split the history into the 3 important areas "user, property and relationship" and use filter on these.

Smart History advantages

  • Filter by user, property or relationship name as well as by creation periods of a history entry. For example, if you are looking for a change to a computer name of an important server, simply use the Properties pane and filters on the computer name.
  • With 3 clicks you have the clear result in contrast to a long unclear list of the history.
  • If you need to research something in the change data of objects, e.g. to find data maintenance problems, use Smart History quickly and easily. Only seconds separate you from your searched history entries. For example, you can track down problems in data maintenance processes in which object data is entered manually or automatically in work and configuration elements.
  • Seamless research possibilities in the history by direct opening of relationship objects in the history. Thus, a linked computer configuration element can be opened directly from the history to read out further information or simply edit it.
  • New possibility to use the history of user configuration elements.
  • Request Offering and Service Offering history is also supported by Smart History.


Userobject History

Userobject History

 UserTab, PropertyTab, RelationshipTab