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Systems-Intelligent develops intelligent tools for administrators, developers and managers, for the System Center Service Manager®.


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Our Smart Tools Series will delight administrators, developers and managers, who no longer want to waste time completing their tasks through cumbersome processes.


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We would be happy to send you temporary versions for testing.


Our software is constantly being improved and undergoes multiple software tests.


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  • 31.12.21 - A good start into 2022

    A good start into 2022


  • 19.10.21 - Operaio and Systems-Intelligent - a strong partnership!

    Operaio GmbH and Systems-Intelligent GmbH have entered into a close partnership and see themselves as the experts around the System Center Service Manager® from Microsoft. Operaio's core business is consulting, development, software, service and operation of the SCSM. Systems-Intelligent develops Smart AddOn Tools for the SCSM. Both companies are specialised in the SCSM, have many years of experience and complement each other perfectly. Together we are SPoC - Single Point of Contact - for our customers.

  • 18.10.21 - Operaio und Systems-Intelligent - eine starke Partnerschaft!

    Die Operaio GmbH und die Systems-Intelligent GmbH sind eine enge Partnerschaft eingegangen und verstehen sich als die Experten rund um den System Center Service Manager® von Microsoft. Das Kerngeschäft von Operaio ist Beratung, Entwicklung, Software, Service und Betrieb des SCSM. Systems-Intelligent entwickelt Smart AddOn Tools für den SCSM. Beide Unternehmen sind spezialisiert auf den SCSM, bringen jahrelange Erfahrung mit und ergänzen sich hervorragend. Zusammen sind wir SPoC – Single Point of Contact - für unsere Kunden.

  • 07.10.21 - Update Smart Favorites Tool

    Update for Smart Favorites Tool Version_1.0.2016.48 is available.
    New features: Multiple checkbox menu in which the comments and NOW NEW also the status of work items are monitored, and you can also be notified. Now you can trigger on workitem status changes for IR, SR, PR, RR and CR. If the property status changes in one of the workitems then all users with favorites on this workitem get an notification about that.

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