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Update Smart Favorites Tool

Update for Smart Favorites Tool

Update for Smart Favorites Tool Version_1.0.2016.48 is available.
New features: Multiple checkbox menu in which the comments and NOW NEW also the status of work items are monitored, and you can also be notified. Now you can trigger on workitem status changes for IR, SR, PR, RR and CR. If the property status changes in one of the workitems then all users with favorites on this workitem get an notification about that.

Systems Smart Favorites

Our Systems Smart-Favorites Tool is available now. With Smart Favorites you can mark work items such as Incident, Service Request, Change Request, Activities etc. as favorites. It is thus possible to create your own views in the SCSM console and notify on enduser and analyst comments.


Systems Smart-Role-Management

Systems Smart-Role-Management Tool 1.0.2016.117

Systems Smart-Role-Management Tool Version 1.0.2016.117 is available.

- Features:
User search Group detection improved
- Other:
Role list update bug fixed

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