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Smart Favorites

What can the Smart Favorites Tool do?

With Smart Favorites you can mark work items such as Incident, Service Request, Change Request, Activities etc. as favorites.
It is thus possible to create your own views in the SCSM console.
This means that you have all the work elements relevant for managers or analysts at a glance, regardless of whether you are directly entered in a work element as a customer or executor. By using comment notifications, you always get a message when an end user or analyst has replied to a work item. You can activate or deactivate this at any time.
In this way, superiors can conveniently keep an eye on controversial and important work processes and also receive information directly and without detours.
In addition, you can put together stakeholders that are important to you without being directly involved in the respective process.

Favorite console task


 Notification template settings

Favorite Settings

In the favorites settings you can define the notification templates for analysts / end user comments and status.
The workitem templates must be based on the respective class e.g. Incident, Service Request etc.
You can trigger on workitem status changes for IR, SR, PR, RR and CR. If the property status changes in one of the workitems then all users with favorites on this workitem get an notification about that.

 Favorite item notification settings

Edit Favorite Dialog

Multiple checkbox menu in which the comments and the status of work items are monitored, and you can also be notified.