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Smart Role Management

What can the Smart Role Management Tool do?

The "Smart Role Management Tool" expands, accelerates and simplifies the basic functionality of role management in the Microsoft System Center Service Manager® console many times over. Shortening the effort per task by hours is possible. Roles and their properties can be viewed and edited in the tool faster, easier and clearer.

Smart Role Management advantages

  • All setting options as in the standard Service Manager role management form
  • Quick search for role membership of a user Determining the membership type of a user to a role, e.g. Membership via Active Directory role or direct membership via username
  • Advanced editing of a role by filterable role settings according to column contents via full-text search, sortable columns and whether or not settings are activated
  • More information about role settings by additional column "Name"
  • Copy roles with all settings
  • Change role settings and save them
  • Compare two selectable roles with their settings
  • Change both comparison roles and save the changes for each role

Benefits of the Smart Role Management Tool

  • Quick and easy administration of the Service Manager roles via Smart Role Management.
  • No more hours searching for user preferences.
  • A return on investment (ROI) is reached after a short period of use.

Scenario without Smart Role Management:

A user is a member of several Active Directory groups and partially directly in Service Manager roles. In order to find out why this user sees and can use certain views, tasks, etc. in the SCSM, all roles in the SCSM must be opened individually and searched for a long time.

Scenario with Smart Role Management:

With Smart Role Management, only the username needs to be entered in the user search, and within a few seconds all roles in which the user is directly or indirectly member are displayed.


Duration to determine membership of a user

  • Default SCSM: Several minutes to hours to discover a user's membership
  • Smart role management: A few seconds